Getting Pregnant At 40

There was a time when women over the age of 30 were recommended not to get pregnant. Now, it is fairly common to see women who are 40 or older looking to have a child. Getting pregnant at 40 may be a little more difficult than getting pregnant at 20, but there are ways to increase fertility and help to ensure that a healthy and safe pregnancy occurs. So if the biological clock is ticking and has been ticking for quite some time you are probably saying I want to be pregnant.

What many couples experience is that they begin having trouble getting pregnant around the time a woman turns approximately 35. This reduction in fertility is a natural part of the aging process, but it can be made even more difficult if other risk factors exist.

Is Getting Pregnant Over 40 Possible?

Many women put off getting pregnant until they are in their late 30s or early 40s because they pursued careers or a life of their choosing. However, many women who have not had children earlier in life may feel the need to have a child, only to find that getting pregnant at 40 or older is difficult.

Most fertility experts will tell you that having a child over the age of 45 is almost impossible without using a woman’s own eggs, but that women over the age of 40 can become pregnant by using fertility treatments or by incorporating natural or holistic methods.

Is It Safe To Get Pregnant?

In your rush to get pregnant, it is important to consider not only the health of your body, but the health of your baby. It is therefore extremely important that you take measures to help boost your health before trying to become pregnant. In most cases, this means eating a healthier diet, reducing or eliminating alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, and losing weight.

Being overweight or obese is often one of the biggest hurdles to having a safe pregnancy, and this is even more so when a woman becomes older. Although you should be extremely careful about going on a pre-conception diet, losing weight will help increase your chances of becoming pregnant and having a healthier, safer pregnancy.

While you are attempting to increase your overall state of health, it is obviously important to pay closer attention to your activities, your dietary intake, and even your hydration to ensure you do everything that you can to increase fertility.

Should You Talk To Your Doctor First?

If you are 40 years old or older, then it is obviously important that you talk to your doctor before taking measures that will increase your risk of getting pregnant. Especially if you currently have health conditions, you are taking prescription medications, or you are taking birth control pills, then an appointment with your doctor is certainly in order.

Many couples who struggle to have a child will often focus on the fertility of the woman only, without paying much attention to the man’s health and fertility. By the time a woman reaches 40 years old, her partner is usually approximately the same age, which means that he also has a significantly lower testosterone level that he did in the past. A doctor can help determine if a man is producing enough healthy sperm in order to impregnate a woman and may be able to provide information on how to boost this.

Where Can You Learn More About Getting Pregnant?

It may surprise you to learn that one of the most respected resources for couples who are trying to get pregnant is an online program. The Pregnancy Miracle was created by a woman named Lisa Olson, who experienced years’ worth of trouble getting pregnant. Instead of giving up, she decided to do their own research and created the Pregnancy Miracle as a way to help other women realize the same kind of success that she was able to have.

The Pregnancy Miracle uses a variety of natural, holistic, and ancient Chinese remedies for increasing fertility and the chances of pregnancy. This program focuses on the health of both the male and the female, so it can help with all types of fertility issues.

Is The Pregnancy Miracle The Right Solution For You?

One of the factors that makes the Pregnancy Miracle so unique is that it provides a number of different step by step techniques that can help to correct many different situations. Because getting pregnant at 40 is often very complicated, the Pregnancy Miracle has helped many couples to avoid fertility treatments, surgery, or other treatments.

No matter what your doctor or fertility specialist has told you about the likelihood of getting pregnant at 40, the truth is that if you are otherwise healthy, the Pregnancy Miracle program may be able to help you. This entire method is delivered electronically, which means that you can get started right away at attacking your fertility issue, and it is sold with a full money back guarantee.