Pinpointing When Are You Most Fertile And What To Do Next

Becoming pregnant is often a pretty easy thing to do when you do not want it to happen, but as you get older and become ready to start a family, you may find that getting pregnant is quite difficult. More and more couples have found that they are struggling with infertility. Finding out when are you most fertile can help you to determine if you do have fertility problems and how best to treat them.

Can You Really Predict Fertility?

As unpredictable as the human body is, it is actually very easy to estimate fertility for most women. If you have a regular menstruation cycle, you will generally be most fertile anywhere from 12 days to 17 days into your cycle.

The way to determine this is to count from the very first day of menstruation, assuming that your cycle is a regular 28 days. At approximately day 12, your fertility window will open and it will remain open for approximately 5 days. Of course, this can vary a day or two, and it can be more difficult to project among women who do not have a regular menstruation cycle.

There are a number of online ovulation calculators and calendars that may be able to help you determine when you are most fertile and to predict appropriate times to increase sexual intercourse.

What Other Signs Point To When Are You Most Fertile?

There are also other signs that may give you some idea as to when you are the most fertile. Approximately 20% of all women will begin to notice a low, dull pain in their abdominal region that occurs approximately 2 weeks into their cycle. This is considered to be a sign that the ovaries have begun ovulation.

Interestingly enough, the female body has a tendency to change in other ways during ovulation. Some women find that their natural scent changes during this time and that they may be more interested in sex than they would be at other times during the month. This is Mother Nature’s way of telling you that it is time to try to make a baby.

Are There Ways To Increase Fertility?

In addition to paying close attention to when you are most fertile, there are certainly a number of measures that you can take that can help to increase your chances of having a baby. For example, it is believed that by having sex two or three times during your fertility window that you will have a 20 to 25 percent chance of getting pregnant. Having sex more than once a day during that time period will probably not increase your chances.

There are other ways that you can increase fertility, including using certain sexual positions, making changes to your diet, and ensuring that you do not have any other health conditions that could be causing problems. It should also not be overlooked that approximately 1/3 of all infertile couples find that the health problem lies with the husband and not the wife.

Should You Try Fertility Pills?

Even though a lot of people are turning to expensive and invasive procedures for fertility, including the use of fertility pills, these do come with a number of inherent dangers. Fertility pills are not going to be appropriate for all women and they will not help it if the fertility issue is the result of a condition with the husband. Also, since fertility pills often have unwanted side effects such as multiple births, choosing another way of increasing fertility may provide you with quicker and more reliable results.

Where Can You Learn More About Increasing Fertility?

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Is This The Best Way To Increase Your Fertility?

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